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96%-99.9% pure isolated cannabidiol (CBD). 3rd party lab tested and original hemp tested to be free of all pesticides and toxins.

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The CBD Distributors are a pharmaceutical grade hemp products company, manufacturing products according to the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

The CBD isolate for sale is a highly purified and crystalline CBD extract derived from USA grown hemp.

  • 96%-99.9% pure CBD in crystalline form
  • Industrial hemp-derived
  • Non-synthetic, all natural
  • Sourced from Federal Farm Bill compliant hemp
  • All industrial hemp was grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • 3rd-party batch testing for CBD isolate
    • CBD potency
    • Solvents
    • Heavy metals
    • Pesticides
  • Smell/taste – Odorless/flavorless
  • Appearance – White/clear crystals

The Extraction Process

Our premium hemp plant material is first tested to ensure potency, purity, and that it is free of pesticides and other chemicals like mycotoxins. We then use an ethanol extraction bath to soak the hemp and extract the cannabinoids. Next, the solvent is winterized at cold temperatures to reduce the solubility of the lipids and fats and force them to precipitate out of solution. Afterwards, multiple rounds of rotary evaporation are used to remove excess solvent, plant materials, and other unnecessary components. The isolates are then crystallized out of the distillate after decarboxylation through a proprietary post-processing technique.

3rd Party Labs & CBD Isolate

Click the below tab labeled “Test Results” to see COAs for the current batch.

Most third-party laboratories willing to test hemp/cannabis cannot consistently or reliably detect cannabidiol (CBD) at the levels in this product. Generally speaking, we’ve found that they are more efficient with testing full-spectrum extracts with lower percentages of CBD and other cannabinoids. All Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for our pure CBD Isolate have so far ranged from 90%-99.9% cannabidiol, but we are extremely confident that every batch of extract has actually been above 99% pureThe extraction process is consistent and repeatable – the third party testing isn’t quite there yet. This is an industry-wide issue that affects every company offering similar products.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) testing is much more precise than the standard High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), but because an NMR machine costs millions of dollars and is hard to come by in this industry, we only have limited access to one at a local university. The vast majority of NMR tests we’ve performed on our CBD isolate over the last several years have shown it to be over 99% pure CBD, while standard industry HPLC tests have more variance and less reliability.

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  1. haberdasher

    I’m fairly new to using CBD and these guys had the best recommendations, so I bought some isolate. Very fast ship, received it in only 2 days! I mixed 1 g into 100 ml of MCT oil, it dissolved quickly and was ready to use in only a few minutes. I’m very happy with the quality and the price and will order again.

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